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Request for drinking water supply and wastewater evacuation

Both our own clients, as potential futures, have the option of making a request for a new water supply registration or for a change of water accountant owner, using an online form.


The steps to follow to make an online request are the following:

1. Download the application in pdf format.

Download the request for drinking water supply and wastewater evacuation

2. Fill in the data and DIGITALLY SIGN the request in pdf.

3. Download the authorization in pdf format. (If the procedure is carried out by the holder of the request, this and the next step can be omitted)

Download authorization

4. Fill in the authorization data and DIGITALLY SIGN by both the authorizer and the authorized party.

5. Fill out the online request and send the required documentation. If the form is not duly filled in, the digital signature is not valid, or some requested document is missing, the process will not be formalized until the file proceedings is complete.

6. Once the particular case of each request has been studied by our technicians and operators, our SAM staff will contact the requester to report the resolution.

**If you do not have an application to digitally sign, from the Electronic Administration Portal (eAP) of the Government of Spain, you can download prosafirm@

Formulari en línia

Copia DNI / CIF titular
Copia DNI / CIF autoritzat
Autorització de l'titular signada digitalment (pdf)
Escriptura compra-venda / Llicència obra
Contracte lloguer
Sol·licitud subministrament signada digitalment (pdf)
Cèdula habitabilitat
Certificat de no infracció urbanística (Sol·licitar a l'Ajuntament dpt. Urbanisme)
Certificat titularitat compte bancari
Documentació addicional (opcional)
Documentació addicional (opcional)
Documentació addicional (opcional)


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