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Who are we?


SAM, Empresa de Serveis del Municipi de Manacor, S.A., is a company owned by the Town Hall of Manacor created on 8 May 2000 (Official Gazette of the Balearic Islands number 68 of 01/06/2000).


The company has two distinct lines of activity; on the one hand it is responsible for the management and use of municipal car parks and regulated parking areas (O.R.A.) within the municipal area of Manacor, and on the other the company is responsible for the Integral Water Cycle of the centre of the municipality of Manacor (supply, treatment and purification of water).

The origin of SAM is linked to the construction of the main municipal car parks, in 2000 the first phase of the first municipal car park of Manacor was opened, Na Camel·la, and later the car parks of Sant Jaume and s’Aljub in Porto Cristo were built and added to the service, at the same time as SAM began to manage the ORA areas which until that time had been managed under administrative concession (managed by a concessionary company).

More recently, since 15 November 2013 SAM has been in charge of the Municipal Water Supply and Treatment Service (SEMASA), which has been in operation and serving the population of the centre of Manacor since the beginning of 1982 and which was previously managed by a concessionary company.

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Cristina Capó Santandreu

SAM President

Sebastià Nadal Santandreu

SAM Vicepresident

Francesc Grimalt Vigo

SAM Manager

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