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Our facilities

Supply Facilities


The water comes entirely from underground sources of the aquifers found in the municipality through 5 wells distributed between the aquifers of Son Talent, Santa Cirga, Sa Torre, Justaní, Son Macià and Sant Salvador.


2 storage regulating tanks (total 900 m3) + 1 high pressure tank (200 m3). The tanks are located in an elevated area and have a total capacity of 1100m3, their function is to ensure the appropriate volume and pressure of water throughout the distribution network.


Drinking water transport and distribution network: 100 km

Sanitation and Purification Facilities


Wastewater collector network: 90 km


Manacor EDAR treatment plant

A Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) can be defined as the set of facilities whose purpose is to reduce the pollution of wastewater to acceptable limits for the receiving channel.

The Manacor WWTP is the result of the project to improve and expand the old water treatment plant that was drafted in 1996. The construction works of the current water treatment plant take place between 1998 and 1999, so the current sewage treatment plant has been in use for about 15 years.

The main function of an E.D.A.R is to collect wastewater from a population or industry, and after certain treatments and processes, it returns it to a receiving channel such as a river, reservoir, sea, etc.

Wastewater can be defined as the combination of liquid waste from residences, public institutions, industrial and commercial establishments, to which groundwater, surface and rainwater may eventually be added. The treatment processes that form part of the Manacor WWTP are:

Water Line:

  1. Arrival work and pre-treatment
  2. Secondary Treatment. Biological
  3. Secondary decantation
  4. Discharge into the receiving environment

Mud Line:

  1. Recirculation and Purge of sludge
  2. Thickened mud
  3. Sludge dehydration