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Demand management plan

Pla de Gestió de la Demanda de Recursos Hídrics en el terme de Manacor

Water is a heritage that must be protected, defended and treated as such. Access to good quality water in sufficient quantity is essential for the daily life of every human being and for most economic activities. Water scarcity and drought are a considerable challenge today, and climate change is expected to make things worse. Water scarcity and drought have a direct impact on the citizen and the economic sectors that use and depend on water, such as agriculture, tourism, industry, energy and transport, as well as a broader impact on natural resources due to their negative effects on biodiversity, water quality, increased risk of forest fires and soil impoverishment.

The municipality of Manacor has so far been completely supplied with groundwater and has been causing serious problems for decades in relation to water supplied for human consumption (such as nitrate pollution and salinization). This causes the municipality to be in difficulty in terms of water supply. And steps must be taken to turn the situation around. This “Water Resources Demand Management Plan (GDP)” is an analysis of the current situation and includes the whole set of actions that will reduce demand, improve efficiency in use and prevent the deterioration of resources in the context of the new “General Urban Planning Plan (PGUV)” that the City Council is processing.You can view or download the demand plan from here: